Blogger Outreach: It Is So Effective, But How It Is Done?

For brands that are effectively working with their advanced showcasing and putting resources into a fruitful SEO campaign, backlinking is an absolute necessity. You can incredibly optimize your website on-page SEO; however, if your offsite strategy isn’t robust, you’re basically just utilizing protection.

Reaching out and gaining excellent, niche relevant backlinks will assist Google with recognizing and establish relevancy for your site. This will result in authoritative link signals, making Google pushes up your website in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Links are the way by which Google and other web crawlers figure how much a website is trustworthy. In their algorithms, web crawlers count a link as an endorsement for your website, thus, the more authoritative backlinks a website has, the higher it can move up or climb the SERPs.

Depending on popularity, size, link data, age and other criteria that translate to overall trustworthiness, a website authority is scored on a scale of 1-100.

Every website owner aims to rank his/her website to rank high on the organic search, ideally, one should aim to appear on the top 3 search results, as these positions get the most out of the CTR.

Ensuring that those sites are authoritative is critical, the higher the site’s domain authority, the greater link juice it can pass to yours once you secure a backlink from it.


How Blogger Outreach Works in Boosting Your Online Exposure

Blogger outreach is all about reaching out to influential bloggers in a specific niche with high traffic & high authority. Pitching them to publish a link to your website on theirs; typically embedded within the content of an existing or new blog post is the most powerful approach.

As blogger outreach in relevant niche is done, it increases relevancy to your website on the web, resulting in an improvement of notice by search engine algorithms.

The higher the quality links that point to your website, the better you will rank for your target keyword/s.

A few years ago, there were a lot of blackhat (shady) tactics being practiced to obtain backlinks; however, with the more sophisticating in search engine’s algorithms, these tactics no longer work, and only “white hat” (ethical) tactics are gaining results in ranking.

This is what Blogger Outreach involves:

#1 Finding Relevant & Influential Bloggers

This involves getting familiar with bloggers who are relevant to your niche who have built up a large audience. You need to search for informational keywords that are relevant to your industry to find these bloggers. Also, you have to point to the “Searches Related” section that pops up to have deeper related content.

#2 Build Your List and Narrow it Down

Now you have a list of potential targets to outreach. You should; however, judiciously vet each of them, checking out their blog comments, amounts of followers, their social media presence, and of course their domain authority.

#3 Create Original Content

You either have content that already created, or you may need to create the content to match the right blogger and his/her audience. Your content must be of high quality, and value for the blogger audience, otherwise, you will not have much incentive for the blogger’s audience to click on your article, read it, and click the embedded links within it to link to your website.

#4 Engage with Your Prospects

Building a relationship is crucial, and indeed it takes time. Cold calling might work, but it has a low chance. You can consider leaving comments on their posts, sharing their contents, or following their social media. Once you’ve done this, you will have a higher chance for getting approved by the blogger to publish your content in the future.


Why Should You Even Consider Blogger Outreach Backlinks

Blogger outreach is not an easy go. It for sure doesn’t happen overnight. You’re actually building new relationships that needs patience. To be successful, you have to dedicate time and resources.

Therefore, if you choose to take it on yourself, you’ll be spending your time:

  • Researching established bloggers in your niche/industry.
  • Evaluating your potentials to identify relevant prospects.
  • Finding the right ways to engage with them.
  • Searching for their contact information.
  • Organizing your findings and narrow down your list listing.
  • Crafting personalized pitches for each blogger.
  • Sending your pitches
  • If they don’t accept your cold calls/emails, you may need to find other ways to develop relationships with them.
  • Managing your communications of the blogger: replies, answers, questions, sending over information, etc.
  • Asking for and reviewing demographic decks and any relevant information the blogger might send you to
  • Writing the content, if they don’t offer contents.
  • Making your revisions to the content, either from you or from them, depending on who creates it.

Because of the extensive time, effort and resources it takes, successful companies choose to outsource this process to agencies specialized in this service. This would make a company’s certain time allocated for other things.

Since these agencies dedicate their time to blogger outreach, they usually have networking with bloggers they can pitch to, so you wouldn’t need to start from scratch.

In a nutshell, blogger outreach can help your website climbs the SERPs faster, get more exposure online, get shares, and ultimately, more inbound traffic to your site and more leads.

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