SEO For Your CBD Brand In 2021: 5 Tips To Implement

SEO for CBD brands is almost saturated nowadays, with lots of CBD and hemp extract businesses that are exploding. While it’s an exciting time for small business owners who are interested in the healing properties of legal cannabinoids, it also means that your CBD business needs a lot of competitive edge to survive. It’s now more crucial than ever to ensure that your website design, social media, and SEO are optimal.


We list down some of our top tips to ensure that your CBD business gets the best online exposure it deserves, so let’s jump into it…


#1 Perform an SEO Audit & Optimize Your Website Contents

Running an SEO audit will guarantee that your front and back-end SEO are optimized. An audit will let you know the spot where you can improve SEO for your CBD brand. An SEO expert can execute necessary changes and give you a report of important tips like:

  • Are you utilizing the correct keywords?
  • Are you generating enough original content that will result in ranking of your keywords?
  • Does your site load speed affect your Google ranking?
  • Are you using the effective title tags and metadata?
  • Are you implementing proper strategy for acquiring backlinks that are relevant to your niche?
  • How is your SEO campaign running compared to your competitors?

If you don’t have the right answers to any of these questions, you may have to run an SEO audit, which will save you the time, effort and a lot or resources.


#2 Identify Your Niche & Publish Quality Content

The key to success in any saturated industry is finding your niche. Are you planning to market your products to dog lovers? Moms? Sport enthusiasts? In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to hone your branding. The next step is to focus on and target long-tail keywords, which will help you target your niche audience. It is way much easier to reach a converting customer through your blog if you are using strategic keywords.

Let’s take the keyword “CBD for moms” as an example, it would be much easier to rank for it rather than ranking for “CBD”, this is because every CBD business owner is working on ranking for “CBD”, and is likely spending $$$ on ads to achieve that. If you are going to compete with huge companies and have a plenty of dollars, then you might have the chance, otherwise, you have to make a decision to gear your blog topics toward your niche targeting the long-tail keywords.


3# Do Not Ignore Business Listings to Capture Local Search

If your online CBD business is based in a certain location, you must have a business listing, this will ensure that you take a chunk out of local search traffic in your area. Effective local SEO for CBD business is just like any other industry, as many consumers would prefer to buy their CBD products from a local company. Correct listing of your business, with current & right information on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines is critical. This information will help potential customer find your website & your store, as well as it will give your business some online authenticity.


4# Social Media is Also Important, So Don’t Skimp on It

Facebook & Instagram don’t currently permit advertising for CBD products, but that doesn’t mean that your brand can’t have active presence on social media. Social media is very much entwined with your ranking on search engines. We all notice that Facebook profile usually pop up as the second, third, or maybe even first result when one searches for a brand online. If you aren’t investing in your CBD brand’s social presence, you’re missing a huge opportunity for your brand awareness.

One of the best ways to separate your brand from the dozens of other CBD business popping up every day is to post high-quality photos with strategic captions. Ensure to take advantage of hashtags as well, which can be presumed as keywords for your social accounts. But you must be careful with the hashtags you are using, as some banned hashtags can result in penalizing or even suspending your account.


#5 Generate Your Own Unique Video Contents

To improve SEO for your CBD brand, video content is a big advantage. Because it has a slightly higher barrier to entry, not many brands are doing it! Because video content is what consumers like, Google favors brands that include video contents on their website & social media accounts, Google also will bump web pages & blog posts with a video up in its SERPs.

Although it might seem daunting to produce your own videos; however, nowadays it is easier than before to get started. You don’t need that expensive equipment and a background in video editing, you can just use your smartphone & some free editing software to create a great video. You may also affordably hire a professional to make video content for your brand, including live-action animations.

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